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Late Start to Summer

Apologies for being AWOL. I promised my dog I’ll be better. I went on a roadtrip from Miami to New York, and have finally settled back in my parents’ house for the month of June. In July, I’ll be at Skidmore College’s Summer Writers Institute to write write write! In preparation for that, I am kicking off an incredibly and inexcusably late summer post with Louise Glück’s poem, “Matins” from her beautiful book, The Wild Iris.


Unreachable father, when we were first

exiled from heaven, you made

a replica, a place in one sense

different from heaven, being

designed to teach a lesson: otherwise

the same–beauty on either side, beauty

without alternative– Except

we didn’t know what was the lesson. Left alone,

we exhausted each other. Years

of darkness followed; we took turns

working the garden, the first tears

filling our eyes as earth

misted with petals, some

dark red, some flesh colored–

We never thought of you

whom we were learning to worship.

We merely knew it wasn’t human nature to love

only what returns love.