The Doctor is Out

Today I watched the last two episodes of the fantastic TV show, House M.D. I remember when this show first aired eight years ago. My parents and I have watched nearly every episode since then. The last episode listed on the FOX website is called “Swan Song,” and is Hugh Laurie walking around the set during the filming of the last actual episode, “Everybody Dies.” What a great season. I have to say that my favorite team was the original three, with Foreman, Chase, and Cameron, before the group dynamics got romantic and complicated, back when it was a pure medical show. And probably because I love the assholes who get their shit done right, I love House best of all. (Just like I love Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey and all those straightforward British guys who are the best at what they do and aren’t afraid to make people cry.)

One of the many reasons I love House is that Hugh Laurie actually played piano in those scenes Yeah, I know. Badass. He sings and plays blues when he’s not being a badass actor. Don’t believe me? Ask the New York Times.

While other people have favorite TV shows that will be replaced by other favorite TV shows as soon as that one ends, I am impressed by all that the writers of House M.D. were able to do. Brilliant writing and remarkable consistency with Gregory House’s psychological position.Nevermind Lost with its suspense and inability to stand alone without having watched all 300 previous episodes, or all those new trendy TV shows with beautiful people afflicted with various supernatural conditions. House M.D. has real people, and characters I grew up loving or hating. I doff my cap to you, House. Thank you for a fabulous eight years.



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