Last Day of Spring Break

Me: Sparks, Sparks, check it out!

Sparky: Look how much you have left, you disillusioned human.

Me: Most of these are ongoing projects.

Sparky: Well, what are you doing? Finish it!

– coordinate Billy Collins reading April 1 (I’m working on it!)

– read Secret History for Transgressive Literature (first page down!)


– work on ePortfolio for Pedagogy class (erm…)

– revise observation report for Pedagogy class (just opened the file!)

– workshop Writing Place workshop pieces (7) (Wednesday work)

– read Lynne Barrett’s “Texaco on Biscayne” story in Magpies (Wednesday work)

– write blog about AWP in Chicago (erm…)

– read Tomas Transtromer’s Selected Poems (bedtime story)

– re-read Robert Hass’s Human Wishes (bedtime story)

– finish all 6 books I borrowed from Campbell, and all 8 books I borrowed from the library…last semester (erm…bedtime stories?)

– lay out POB Issue 2 (tonight!)

– confirm printer for POB (tomorrow!)

– revise chapbook (erm…)

– submit to 5 journals

– Sena QT Note & Book Review (any suggestions for Christian youth books?) (next week)

– finish reading Gulfstream poetry submissions (32) (ehh…)

– find twitter quotes for POB (copy from bedtime stories! >:])

– work with Parthenon on POB website (Thurs night)

– write write write! 5 poems by the end of the week! (yeah…1-ish down)


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