It’s a Tribal Monday

Today my dog is judging me. I’m completing the rollover of Sunday’s to-do list:

– Transgressive lit readings (6 articles)

– Notes on transgressive lit readings

– Write a Petrarchan sonnet

– Memoir essay (1500 words) – midnight market?

– Find an excerpt that describes what I envision Miami to be

– Look up creative writing website designs

– Register Print Oriented Bastards on Duotrope

– Start TA certification online orientation

– Get groceries

Look how far I’ve gotten!……oh. Yes. I should clarify that. 3 things is actually quite productive for me.

Anyway, I’m procrastinating again because I had to share. This just came in the mail.

“I don’t want to go on no more adventures with Spike, the leader of hte Spikes, because my good sense tells me he is someone Death wants to educate.” – Terrance Hayes

Terrance illustrated it himself! It’s a unique chapbook both in form and content. Quite a leap in experimentation from Lighthead, which I prefer. However, I love seeing how my professors change their style. It’s quite inspiring, really.

You can get your own copy of Who are the Tribes here. Limited print of 300.


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