Writers and Their Pens

I received a mysterious package in the mail yesterday. It was from my friend L. What is it what is it?!


What L. doesn’t know is that I’ve been looking into multi and fountain pens for the last month. And these are beautiful~~~

The multipen (or four-way pen, depending on what year you started buying them) is 0.5, best thinness ever. Perfect thickness of barrel, and all the best colors: black, blue, green and red. (I’m particularly excited about the green. I love green pens.)

The fountain pen is a Pilot Petit1, and do you see how portably small it is?? It’s the perfect size (I have small hands). Now here is the coolest part. Obviously the barrel is clear. When you insert the ink cartridge and screw it in, you can sit there for 5 minutes watching the ink slowly seep down the vein, around the barrel and into the nib. And then, when the pen is sitting on your desk, you can see the ink through the clear casing. This is how I broke in the new pen (with green ink muahahaha).

Thanks, L!  😀 You were right: getting packages in the mail feels amazing.

P.S. Picture of Hollywood Beach Boulevard at dusk. Enjoy!


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